Glossary - K

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An exercise that helps prevent and treat incontinence by strengthening pelvic floor muscles.
An unusually hard or thick scar that forms after surgery or an injury.
A procedure in which a laser is used to correct vision problems by reshaping the cornea.
A protein and the major component of the cuticle and cortex layers of hair; the same protein is found in nails, feathers, claws, and hooves.
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Cells of the epidermis that produce a tough protein called keratin and form a soft, protective sheet for the body.
keratoconjunctivitis sicca
Persistent dryness of the eye.
keratoderma blennorrhagica
A skin rash that sometimes occurs along with an autoimmune condition called Reiter's syndrome.
Keshan disease
Heart disease caused by a lack of selenium, an element that the body needs to function properly.
Substances produced when the body burns fat for energy or when the body doesn't have enough insulin.
kidney failure
The final stage of chronic kidney disease. At this point, the kidneys can no longer eliminate waste products from the body.
A surgical procedure that eases or eliminates the pain of spinal fractures. It also restores vertebrae that have collapsed due to fractures to their normal size.