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A break in the skin or other surface that often occurs along with inflammation, infection, or cancerous growth.
A painless, noninvasive imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves.
unopposed estrogen
Estrogen taken without an accompanying progestogen.
unresolved losses
Personal losses that are not acknowledged and mourned. Many mental health experts believe that reactions to these losses crop up later, often skewing a person's response to an entirely different loss.
unsaturated fat
Healthy dietary fats from plant sources as vegetable oils, nuts, and whole grains, as well as from fatty fish. Includes monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat.
unsaturated fats
A type of fat in which some of the hydrogen atoms in each molecule have been replaced by double bonds; includes monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.
unstable angina
Chest pain that occurs or worsens in frequency, severity, or duration when a person is at rest or engaging in mild activity.
upper airway resistance syndrome
Inhalation that requires undue extra exertion; this extra work may cause insomnia and daytime sleepiness.
upper esophageal sphincter
Muscular valve located at the upper portion of the esophagus that opens to allow food or liquid to enter the digestive system.
A waste product of protein digestion and metabolism.
The tube that connects each kidney to the bladder.
The tube leading from the bladder through which urine is carried from the body.
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urethral hypermobility
Movement of the urethra out of place when abdominal pressure increases, leading to stress incontinence.
Inflammation of the urethra.
The sudden and uncontrollable need to urinate or defecate.
urinary frequency
Routinely needing to urinate more than eight times during the day or more than twice at night.
urinary incontinence
Inability to control urine flow, resulting in involuntary discharge or leakage.
urinary tract
Part of the body that produces and excretes urine. It consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra.
A specialist who deals with the urinary tract and male reproductive system.
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urticaria (hives)
An itchy rash of usually short duration.
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Inflammation of the pigmented part of the eye (the iris); may seriously affect vision.
A small, fleshy flap of tissue that hangs from the back of the throat over the root of the tongue.
uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)
A surgical treatment for obstructive sleep apnea that involves removing the uvula, the tonsils, and a rim of loose tissue at the back of the soft palate.